Parametric Turbine model with OpenFOAM+cfMesh case ready to run

I’ve made a parametric turbine case avaliable. Thank’s to my company Minesto for letting me do that.

I’ve done a parametric turbine using Ruby scripting language,
Have set up script for running the entire simulation using cfMesh for volume meshing, OpenFOAM for simulating fields. Openscad for watertunnel-geometry.

geometry simulation

The turbine geometry has pitch as input parameter, you can easily modify to suit your needs.

The simulation has watertunnel size as input parameter.

It’s a steady state MRF model and it runs in 5-10 minutes on a i7-processor. Refine to suit your needs…



Readme file:

Author to this method is Bjorn Bergqvist. Please refer to me or communicate if
you use the turbine geometry model in your work.

OpenFOAM 2.?.? (used by
cfMesh (used by
OpenSCAD (used by, tunnelfactor 1 is already
Ruby 2 with spliner gem (for splined pitch, otherwise any Ruby will do)
   (install with: "gem install spliner")

Description of files and directories:
   Run through script 1_ to 3_
   Not necessary to run. Turbine geometry with pitchmod=0 is
   already generated in geom/turbine.stl.
   Usage: ./1_create_geometry <pitchmod>
   were <pitchmod> is modification of turbine blade pich
   if you are unsure: use pitchmod=0
   Usage: ./ <tunnelfactor>
   where <tunnelfactor> is the size of the tunnel where the turbine is simulated
   if you are unsure: use tunnelfactor=1
   Usage: ./ <tunnelfactor>
   will run on 4 cpus
   (change in decomposeParDict and for other cpu count)
   Averages moments and forces from 990 to 1000 iterations.

   Removes generated mesh and simulation.

   The Bjorn Bergqvist(C) turbine geometry.

   Directory with files used by cfMesh.

   Directory for simulation (steady state, MRF)

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